My 2 daughters have attended Platform for 5 and 7 years now. They started as very shy, under confident and reluctant performers however, they still absolutely loved attending which I attribute to the excellent standard of care & support of the teaching which has always been highly professional but fun, friendly, nurturing & encouraging.

Each term the students focus on different dance styles, singing techniques & drama genres. They’ve participated in dance festivals, Shakespeare plays, village show days  & full blown musicals to name a few, as well as being given the experience to devise or choreograph their own pieces, individually or as part of a group.

I’ve seen a great deal of progression in both my daughters’ (plus many other students’) confidence & ability levels. Each child is challenged correctly according to their talents & experience & every student gets their chance to shine. The older students are given the opportunity to help the younger ones if they so wish which contributes to the ‘family feel’ of the Platform environment.

The performances are always extremely professional. The last 4 summer musicals – Footloose, Beauty & the Beast, Wizard of Oz & Annie have been amazing, somehow combining all age ranges from 3 to 15 in top class productions with fantastic scenery, costumes, dancing & music. The smaller Christmas plays, pantomimes & showcases are just as enjoyable & creative.

As well as being incredibly good value for money compared to other local theatre/ drama schools I’ve come across, I don’t feel my daughters could have enjoyed themselves more, or developed their skills as strongly, as from their experiences gained from Platform.